Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 3. Went to the Lemay Car Museum in Tacoma today with Dan and kids. Really amazing collection of cars and trucks. All you car buffs out there must see this museum someday. They even have the "Flintstone mobile." 

If you're into photography this is a great place to take pictures. LOADS of gleaming chrome, shinny paint jobs and of course all those unique hood ornaments. Here are a couple of photos from the Lemay collection.

This was a sad day for the Massie's, we lost a beloved travel companion today. Jim opened the kitchenn slide out without checking to see if anything was in the way. He CRUSHED our Canon G9 camera (shit!) I have some recollection of purchasing an extended warranty on the camera so tomorrow we'll go by Best Buy and see if we can replace the broken camera.                                                                                                    

Maggie has been a naughty girl. Our first night at Dan's she peed on our bed (twice on my side!) Today when we were gone she got up on the kitchen counter and dumped over my vase full of roses and peonies.  There was water all over the counter and floor.I think she is jealous of Dan's puppy - Whidby. Hopefully this naughty phase will pass once we're on the road again.

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