Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why do they call it Wonderboard?

In our ongoing effort to commit suicide by construction we spent all day today putting up sheets of cement board around the tub and shower. Why they call this product Wonderboard I will never know. It's very, very heavy, really rough, hard to cut and hard to screw to the walls.  Maybe it's name derives from the phrase "I wonder why I am doing this project?"  We still have a small piece of cement board to do tomorrow and then I can  tape and mud the joints while Jim finishes screwing the cement board to the wall. If all goes well I plan to tile the tub deck and surround tomorrow.

Today while Jim was grinding screw heads I sat down to sip my McDonald's iced Sweet Tea and take a break. At some point I heard a sound I could not place and finally located Maggie quietly sipping my tea! Who knew Basenji's like iced sweet tea?  Reminded me of our trip to Alaska and the floaties in my water bottle story.

Speaking of grinding screws, I thought Jim was trimming the edge of the tub deck. When I sat on the tub deck it was warm. So I asked "why is it warm" and Jim says "he was grinding screw heads." So remember this..... if you sit on something and it's pretty darn warm and someone mentions grinding screw heads don't be stupid enough to check a screw with your fingers! One of the things I've learned about projects like this is  fatigue leads to stupidness (I know that's not a word, but I think it's an apt description.)

You would think this level of physical labor would lead to a deep and restful night's sleep (NOT.) Instead of warm milk and a good book at bed time I am downing large doses of Tylenol and Flexeril followed by an hour in the hot tub. Then I limp up to bed where Jim lays comatose, moaning and groaning in his sleep.

It's almost time for drugs, more later.

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