Thursday, January 31, 2013

We’re off on our great (and long) America  adventure!
My Mom, Henry and Lewis the poodle came by to see us off.  Henry was kind enough to take some going,  going, gone photos as we pulled out.  Bye bye house!  Many thanks to Chuck and Lon for house sitting; Denise and Mom for houseplant sitting; and Gordon for yard sitting. 
First stop was to see brother in law Earl in Stockton, CA.  Had a great visit with Earl and Earl Jr. Spent the night and hit the road the next morning.  
Next stop, Carlsbad, CA for one last visit with Kim, Jeff and the grandkids. Since we will miss all the kids birthdays we took them to ToysRus for some shopping.  Crazy, fun, shopping.  We got a chance to see our friends Gene and Kathy on this trip. Always great to see old friends. Kim baked me a birthday cake for my early bday celebration. Fortunately Kim spared me the embarrassment of 66 candles. Saying goodbye was tough since I usually see them several times a year. My mini soul mate – 9 year old Sophie cried and cried. On the other hand,  happy go lucky Grace  just gave us a big hug and kiss and was off to school without looking back.  Now that the girls have iPods (thank you Santa) I can Facetime them whenever we have wifi.  Facebook, Skype and Facetime will be so important during this extended trip. I don’t think I could leave if I wasn’t sure I could stay connected with everyone I care about.
Jan 28. Our first official stop was at Quechan Casino on the California Arizona border. The casino offers free RV parking and there were at least a bazillion happy campers there.  Not a pretty location by any means but free is always good. 
Jan 29. Today we crossed into Arizona, passing through Yuma and Tucson on our way to Benson AZ for the night.  The low mountains surrounding the valley are covered in snow.  High today was 46 and sunny but if you step outside the wind has a serious bite to it! We stayed at Red Barn Camp ground. Nice, clean, friendly and only $11 a night with our Passport book from Camping World!
Jan 30. Passing through New Mexico we met Tillman the skateboarding bulldog. Tillman was on his way to New Orleans for Superbowl and Mardi Gras. Maggie was of course star struck. But as so often happens with the rich and famous Tillman gave Maggie a sweet smooch goodbye and a signed 8 X  10 glossy photo and then he was gone. 
We spent the night  in Chaparral with good friends, Harvey and Norma. Jim and Harvey went to school together in Palermo, CA - kindergarten through high school. Then they joined the Army together under the buddy system.  We were treated to an awesome BBQ dinner at State Line Restaurant in El Paso.  What a fun place for dinner! So the next morning we’re on the road again, headed for Texas.
Jan 31. We’ve arrived in Fort Stockton TX.  Once we set up camp we drove back into town to take a look around.  There is the 22’ Roadrunner statue that Jim just had to have his picture taken with. The “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere”  drive through beer business that had a line of cars out the wazzoo.  And the Pepito Café. They have the best El Carbon Tacos. Sautéed onions, jalapenos, carne asada, a little lettuce and tomato – HEAVEN!  I will be breathing fire for days but they were awesome! Tomorrow we are off to San Antonio for two days.




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