Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today we finished the bathroom! Window is framed, 1/4 round installed, chandelier is hung, baseboard finished and the shower door is installed. In two days we can use the shower (once the epoxy dries.)

Now I have to sew and upholster the pelmets above the bedroom windows. Then hang a ton of white sheers.

Trying to decide on a nightstand for Jim. I would love to add a piece of mirrored furniture to the bed room. Maybe I'll purchase an old side table or small chest of drawers from a thrift store and mirror it.

Here's some pictures of what they look like finished. Pretty cool. Just the right amount of bling!  They're a lot of work, first you have to cut the glass to size, sand the edges, etch the glass with acid, then glue the mirrors in place and trim the mirror for safety. We'll see. Sure is pretty.

 Got some bad news from Monster Guts yesterday... only tree months until Halloween! OMG, I am not ready for that. First of all, we are exhausted and not finished with the upstairs. Secondly, we have a lot of new stuff to do this year for The Tunnel of Terror and finally it's our last Halloween which is very depressing for me. 

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