Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day two in NOLA and we took a steam driven stern wheeler boat ride on the Big Muddy.
The upper deck of the Natchez has a steam operated Calliope. Every afternoon before sailing
the steam organ puts on a concert for the passengers. The music was lively and very loud.

As the river flows through New Orleans it forms a cresent shape. The river is at it's deepest here - about 200 feet deep. This is one of the deepest bends in the river, it's called Algier's Point.

The Natchez can be rented for parties and weddings. On our cruise a wedding party had come aboard for lunch and photos.

As we sailed down river we passed two cargo ships which are maintained by the Army for rapid deployment anywhere in the world. They're pretty cool, the whole back of the ship is a giant door that lowers to allow materials to be loaded by semi trucks. They can be loaded and under way in 2 days. Pretty cool.
I love this photo. This is a Domino Sugar  Plant. If you look closely you'll see the original plantation house tucked at the base of the plant. Ever since we crossed into Lousianna there have been sugar cane fields lining the highways. 

This barge is being loaded with raw sugar. River tugs will push the barge to a refinery where the raw sugar is processed and packaged.

This is a sea going tug. The barge is built so the tug actually fits into it. These tugs are HUGE.
Here's Homeland Security. They provide security for the harbor. Jim loved the 50 cal. guns.
The Huey Long Bridge. One of two bridges that span the Misssissippi at New Orleans. Like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, this bridge dominates the skyline.

One of many oil refineries doting the Mississippi. I was surprised to learn that the gas and diesel we use here in the USA is delivered as crude and refined here providing thousands of jobs for Americans.

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