Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 29. I can’t wait to tell you about our drive from Dawson City, Yukon to Chicken, Alaska! After crossing the Yukon by ferry we drove the Top of the World Highway. It skims along the tops of the mountains giving visitors a spectacular view of the Yukon in our rear view mirror and Alaska ahead of us. Here is one of my favorite views.

OK, so I was being sarcastic. In 2010 when we did this drive it was gorgeous, but not this time. The road was like slippery cat shit from a heavy rain last night. And there were no views. The farthest we could see was about one Smart car length ahead of us.  87 miles took us four and a half hours. Here’s a picture of the RV Jim almost rear ended (can you see it?)
We only knew where we were because of the Garmen GPS. It kept telling us the Border Crossing was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, but we could not see anything. Luckily, we did not run over the American Border Guard.
There is a new sign at the crossing since our last visit. Check out the population of 2. That’s one American and one Canadian.
 Alaska is widening and paving the US side of the Top of the World Highway (hooray!) While it will improve driving conditions in the future it made for a real mess today.  In Dawson City we had 6 motor homes camped near us. They were all from Sacramento, CA.  Here they are taking pictures of their rigs and tow cars. They did not start out all the same color!
We are now safely in Chicken, Alaska. And just for fun, here’s the window over the kitchen sink. All of the windows looked like this. Jim used a bottle of Windex and a squeegee to get 90% of the mud off so we can see out. What a mess the truck and trailer are.  
A packet of information given to us by the RV Park says they monitor excessive use of bandwidth so I better go before the Internet Gestapo shows up.

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