Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today before we left Quesnel we tried to stop by my Mom's "favorite" doughnut shop (NOT.) Canada has the strangest doughnuts, they are not sweet like American doughnuts. In the end there was no parking for our 50+ foot rig so we just headed to our next stop. 
 I am loving the drive up Canada's Highway 97. Cattle farms and hay fields everywhere I look.  Lush rolling green fields almost ready for their first cutting.  This is really picturesque country.  

Did I mention it’s been in the 60’s? So much better than the 111 at home (OMG.)  There were a few showers today and lots of sun breaks.  Now it’s sunny and warm out.  
We have reached that point in our trip where we have started seeing LOADS of  WATCH FOR MOOSE signs. I keep watching but so far no Moose. Although two deer tried to commit suicide in front of us today.  You should have seen us - brakes and tires squealing, wheels locked up, trailer sliding, Jim holding onto the steering wheel with a death grip while I yelled “GET OUT OF THE WAY.” Good news is Jim dodged the really, really stupid does.
Tonight we are in Smithers, B.C.  It's a pretty town at the foot of HUGE mountains and glaciers.  The view from our campsite is gorgeous.  

One of the things I like about camping is the chance to meet other folks on the road.  To the left of us is a couple from Georgia (on a 50th anniversary trip.)  In front of us is a couple from Arizona. To the right is a couple from Florida. Yesterday I met a couple from San Jose, CA.  We are all headed to Alaska so we will cross paths many times over the summer. We are the seasoned travelers. This is a first time trip for everyone else so Jim has been telling folks about the” off the beaten path”  places to see.

Tomorrow we cross into Alaska to visit Hyder, one of our favorite little towns!   


  1. Yikes you would think those deer would have learned by now not to jump in front of a 50-60 ft rig!! Beautiful country, enjoy your travels!!

  2. First time I entered the Crooked River Basin I was sure I knew where God spent the seventh day.