Friday, September 6, 2013

Here are a few things we learned about Alaska on this trip:

In Alaska real women do NOT clean toothpaste spit off their cars.

In Alaska this is NOT a big fish!

In Alaska you don’t have to worry about CHILDREN walking on your newly poured cement walkway.

In Alaska the Mullet is still ALIVE (unfortunately.)
Only in Alaska would you consider picking up THIS hitch hiker.

In Alaska this IS a trash dumpster.

In Alaska ANYTHING can be used for building materials.

In Alaska you NEED Mosquito traps.

Only in Alaska is THIS considered a ride at the Fair.

 Only in Alaska do they need this law.


In Alaska this IS an automatic door closer (bungee cords.)

Only in Alaska do buses have THESE signs.


In Alaska men WANT Fish and Wildlife to check their catch!


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