Friday, September 6, 2013

Maggie had a great time in Alaska (again.)  The Princess loves to travel.  Sleeping in until 10:30 am.  Lots of naps. A little squirrel hunting. Some sightseeing (she’s fascinated by the Bison.)  Lots of good rolls in Moose and Bear poop. Lots of treats. Lots of naps. Long walks on the beach. Exploring the great outdoors.  Meeting new dogs.  “Helping” with the laundry. Lots of naps. Playing captain of her own ship. Learning how to drive the truck (checking to see if you are paying attention.) Lots of naps. Counting Kleenex and getting her picture taken with Dad.
She is the best little traveler EVER. People are always amazed at how calm and quiet she is. They ask how can they adopt a Basenji and we always tell them the breed is not for everyone. Want a dog that may walk on your kitchen counters? Climb on top of your refrigerator? De-stuff your sofa? Ignore you like a cat does? I am sure many of them wonder why we even have Maggie.  It's because she makes us laugh every day. She dances when she wants to go out or needs a treat. She moans with pleasure when you rub her ears or scratch her back. Her curly tail wags furiously when she see us. We will be forever grateful to BRAT for allowing us to adopt this wonderful dog.

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