Saturday, October 16, 2010

Have started installing CARNevil, all the main characters are in place, looks pretty good. Jim put up the trapeze artist and rigged a motor to swing the guy back and forth.

Awesome! Still need to do the Human Pincushion and set up a spot for my sister -in - law Cheryl to sit in a clown costume. Cheryl and my brother Rich add a wonderful, entertaining and spooky element to our Halloween displays. Haven't decided yet what Rich will be.

Started on the Room of Doom today. We've increased the footage from 240 sq ft to 600+ sq ft so there's a lot to do. Almost done with Aracnophobia.  Can't get into Room of Doom without running the spider victum gauntlet in the almost dark spooky spider's lair. Check out the poor guy caught today - he's doomed! Figure if clowns don't scare you the spiders should.

Granddaughter Elizabeth and boyfriend Dana, daughter Sherry and husband Jimmy are going to help me today with Room of Doom. I'll let the youngsters do all the hard stuff. I'll be happy if we get the huge glow in the dark room done today.

Finished the Four Legged woman for the Circus of the Dead sideshow. Got the hat and dress at Salvation Army (love that place.)

Just so you can REALLY appreciate what Halloween means at our house here are a couple of photos of the front yard!

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