Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things are getting down to the wire. We open Friday, Oct 22 and there are still a couple of things left to do. One of them is finishing the MORGUE. So today I had Jim lay down on the back porch and covered him with plastic, then a sheet. Then I splattered Jim's form with blood red paint, it turned out to be more work than I anticipated (in more ways than one.) Looked pretty good.

I left the sheet to dry and went to back out front to work on hanging bats in the Dracula scene. Later I needed something from the back porch and came back to discover this................

Life is never dull with a Basenji in the house. And let's be clear - this was my fault. I know how much Maggie loves to roll in strange smells. Bear and Moose poop, SHOUT stain release, Jim's underwear. So I should have known better. Since Maggie does not like a bath I climbed in the tub with her. Just us two girls taking a bubble together while Jim shot pics (thank God they're all out of focus!) By the time I discovered her, much of the paint had dried. It took some real scrubbing to get the caked on paint off of her. I didn't have the heart to scrub her ears or muzzle, so she still has some paint on her. Right now she's curled up in the chair behind me giving me the Basenji stink eye! I told her how shiny and pretty she looks and how good she smells now but she isn't buying it. Probably the only good news in all of this is we now have a GREAT photo of Maggie for the 2012 Basenji calendar contest. Back to the bats.   


  1. WOW you have done a great job, hope the rain this weekend doesn't do to much damage.

  2. I'm a little late to the party, but just wanted to say -- WOW, what an amazing job you guys did with the haunted house! And the picture of Maggie is priceless.

    I'm sorry you two are currently sick, but hopefully it all seemed worth it.

    Confession: I put in a BRAT application for Maggie! After watching the BRAT site for about a year, she was the candidate that finally made me submit something. Of course I was disappointed that we didn't get a chance to meet her, but I was always trusted BRAT to make sure that she went to a great home -- and this blog just confirms it. So sweet to have this peek into your life with Maggie...