Saturday, October 23, 2010

We opened yesterday. Had quite a few "customers" as Jim calls them. Also had a visit from the Paradise Fire Department. I don't think I mentioned we discovered that the Town of Paradise has a Special Event Permit for Haunted Houses. For a few days we were worried we would have to close down the Room of Doom. The Fire Department was AWESOME to work with, the Fire Chief gave us lots of helpful suggestions on ways to make our Halloween event safe. Next year we have to change the Room of Doom to Fire Resistant Black Plastic. It's really expensive so we may need to scale back the size of the Room of Doom, but that's OK.

Started taking pictures of the finished product, looks pretty good! The glow in the dark rooms have been tricky to photograph due to the low light and the glowy things. The Arachnophobia Room has been a big hit. People weave their way through the swinging spider victims trying hard to miss the spider webs, egg sacks and spider covered bodies.
The panels I made with spray foam and old plastic skeleton parts came out great! This room is lit with one 24" black light at ceiling height and two rope lights on the floor.

Finally got Dracula put up! Made a lot of changes to this scene, had a four year old who liked it and a Dad who thought it was gross! Right now the pristine white wedding dress ($5 at Salvation Army)and it's several layers of petticoats is getting drenched in the pouring rain.

Bought the large bat early in the season, now the darn things are on sale 1/2 price! Oh well. Already scouring the Halloween stores and web sites getting ready for the Nov 1, 50% off sales. Thinking of putting in a graveyard with grave diggers next year or maybe really scary jack-o-lantern scarecrows.

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