Monday, June 7, 2010

The drive from Liard Hot Springs to Watson Lake was dotted with endangered Wood Buffalo. These animals are so huge you can't believe it. We stopped every time we saw Buffalo to take photos. During the drive we crossed from British Columbia into the Yukon.

Once we reached Watson Lake we visited the Sign Post Forest to put up our sign. Amazing place, more than 68,000 signs have been put up since the first sign in 1942. The whole story is included in one of the photos I am posting. Took Jim three tries to get the sign put up. It took 2 portable electric drills (both died), a borrowed ladder (which he fell off) and a ratchet to finally get it up! I will load more sign photos tomorrow, the Internet site is so SLOW here it's having trouble loading photos.

I hung the blackout shades in the bedroom today. The sun does not set until 11:30 and rises at 4:30 so we're having trouble sleeping. Tomorrow we're off to White Horse.

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  1. I have heard about the Sign Post Forest but this is the first picture I have seen. Enjoy your trip and keep Jim away from tools and ladders.