Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yesterday we were talking to a traveler from Missouri, she told us the following bear story.  A black bear climbed the ladder on the back of the RV, got up on the roof of the RV, clawed out the skylight above the kitchen and was trying it's best to get into the RV! The people in the RV next door saw the whole thing and scared the bear off. It ran to the front of the RV and JUMPED OFF! That's got to be at least a 10' jump.

Last night at 9:00 pm (the sun was still high in the sky) we decided to go get an ice cream cone at McDonald's. Saw a huge bird's nest at a turn out and stopped to investigate. It was a Bald Eagle's nest, about 20' off the ground right next to this heavily used scenic overlook for the Yukon River. Could not believe they were nesting there. Watched them both fly to a sand bar and take a bath. Then perched in the top of spruce trees to dry off in the sun. In the lower 48 eagles won't build a nest below about 80'. But the winters here are so severe the trees don't get very tall so they have to nest lower. Pretty cool.

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