Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Since we are without wheels Jim talked me into walking into town to see the historic sites. "It's only a mile" he said. It was warm and sunny so I said OK. We used the Rotary Trail to walk to town. A beautiful grassy park with Dawson Creek winding it's way through the park. Birds chirping, ducks paddling, Maggie happily sniffing her way along the trail and the smell of spring in the air. It seemed like a LONG mile, but eventually we arrived in town. At the center of town was the Mile  0 marker for the Alaska Highway. We checked out all the murals, really cool sculptures, visited 3 museums and the visitors center, had lunch, shopped a little and then turned for home. At that moment we noticed the sky had filled with ominous clouds. I said "it looks like it might rain." Jim said "it's fine, it's not going to rain, but I can call a taxi if you want." Being bullheaded I declined the taxi and off we went. 5 minutes later it started to sprinkle, just a little. The further we walked the harder it sprinkled. By then we're in the meadow and walking as fast as my sore feet will go. Then it began to rain. Finally home, wet and tired. Turns out Jim had his Ipod with him and it tracked our walk -  all 5 miles! No wonder Maggie and I are passed out on the sofa.

I know you're wondering about the truck. The good news is it will be ready this Friday. The bad news is the torque converter has to be replaced and it's going to cost A LOT of money.This is turning into an expensive vacation.

A few minutes ago I noticed a double rainbow in the sky so Jim dashed out and took pictures. See how light it is? It's 10:00 pm.

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