Friday, June 18, 2010

June 16, we are in Chicken, Alaska. Population 5, Chicken has it's own year road US post office. Winters get down to minus 50 here. We toured downtown Chicken, took about 1.2 minutes to see the whole thing. Spent more time in the bar drinking local beer (yum!) visiting with fellow travelers. Ceiling and walls are covered in caps, panties and bras. The locals have a once a week tradition of cutting girls panties off with a bucknife (while they're wearing them) and shooting them out of a cannon. Once the undies are tattered they are stapled to the ceiling. Found a cap from Mike Friend RV, Chico on the wall where Jim is pointing. Also toured another gold dredge, the Pedro. Not as big as the first one we saw, but still amazing.   Correction, Jim points out that neither of dredges we've seen were worked on by his father, just a similar one to these. Jim tried his hand at panning again, he found just a few flakes. Here a few photos of Chicken and the Pedro. For more photos see my Facebook page. If you're not on Facebook you should sign up, it's super easy and free (so easy my Mom can do it if she tries.) You'll be surprised how many of your friends are already on it.

June 18, we are in Tok, Alaska at the Sourdough Campground. Last night we attended the live free musical entertainment.  For those of you with Facebook accounts I've posted 2 videos and some photos of the entertainment there. 

After the music they had the sourdough pancake tossing contest. Win and you get a free buffet breakfast! So everyone gets to pick two pancakes toss in the "buckit." Jim went first and missed, I tried and missed. Before the evening was over five people won breakfast. Pretty funny, everyone was hooting, hollering, laughing and having a great time. The Europeans were slow to get involved, but once they did the cheering really amped up. We plan on going again tonight. Thanks to my brother-in-law Ken for telling us about the place.

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