Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Remember to click on photos to enlarge. Jim rented a car this morning so we could do some exploring. South of Dawson is a restored wooden railroad trestle that was originally built in 1930. Jim tried to take Maggie with him onto the trestle but that didn't work out (see pics.)  Amazing how STRONG she is when she doesn't want to do something. The minute she could see a couple hundred feet straight down she was done! Then we cruised through Pouce Coupe (poose coop E.) Toured the 1930 railway station/museum which was the best museum we've seen so far. Tiny tiny town with a big sense of it's history. From there we went to McQueen Slough (a Ducks Unlimited refuge) so I could do a little bird watching  The swallows are nesting right now and every bird house had a swallow peeking out. There were tons of tree and bank swallows zooming overhead catching bugs to feed their young. Ran into a group of kids on a school outing. They really liked Maggie and wanted to know all about her. The teacher was really cool and showed them how to meet a strange dog. With a long boardwalk and lots of trails we walked 3 miles at the refuge. The whole area around Dawson Creek is really pretty farming country.

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  1. I would have been just like Maggie on that trestle, get me off of it. Glad your having fun.